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Your Current Marketing Program Might Be Random, Not Predictable, and Untrackable.

Our Marketing Programs
Produce Customers on Autopilot,
With Trackability & Are Proven to Work.

We Turn Internet Traffic Into Butts In Seats

We help restaurant owners and managers generate consistent and predictable customer revenue every month on autopilot with use of our automated digital customer acquisition systems. 

Step 1: We work to help restaurant owners identify the key issues that might be holding them back from achieving their goals.
Step 2: We strategize and implement the best digital automated systems to turn these issues into explosive opportunities in order to immediately start bringing in new customers who are likely to become not only repeat customers, but also referral customers. 

Ya, social media likes, comments, and shares are cool and all,
but we focus heavily on what matters most...

Butts In Seats, which equates to money in your bank account.

We hyper target local audiences and generate new customers for your restaurant.
We automate your new customer traffic through customer list building and "smart" follow-up campaigns.
We monetize your new customer list with various offers for your potential customers during different parts of their "customer journey."
The Secret Formula
The Customer Compounding Effect
We take pride in being the experts of the "Customer Compounding Effect."

Success Stories:

Michael Valdez, Owner of Slice Parlor

"It is my pleasure to recommend Enchantment Marketing for your restaurant marketing needs. Having worked with them in a professional capacity over the past 6 months, I can confidently say that they HAVE increased our bottom line. Richard has professionalism, creative digital strategies, an honest approach to sales, and an ability to listen to our needs and quickly respond to the ongoing challenges in a rapidly changing digital firmament.”
- Michael

Ski Martin, Owner of The Owl Cafe

"Richard, just wanted to thank you for your hard work in getting the Owl Cafe up to speed on the social media platforms. We have been pleasantly surprised by the response received and new customers due to your professionalism and knowledge. You made us feel that we were your number one priority, not just another number lost in the corporate swamp. The video was fantastic, the follow ups, the promotional suggestions have definitely made us a better restaurant and it has been worth every dollar spent.”
- Ski

Zhuxuan Dong, Owner of Sushi Xuan & Xuan Asian

"Enchantment Marketing was very professional in helping me with my marketing strategy and they helped me put one together that was like nothing I've ever seen before. Their communication was great and they are very knowledgeable. We have Richard and his team manage all of our business social media platforms. They are on top of it with making sure that we have a constant and quality feed on a daily basis. They are super efficient with letting us know if there is a problem and help with providing feedback for the issue. I highly recommend them for your marketing needs!"
- Zhuxuan

Deb Gagnon, Owner of Tomato Cafe

"Richard has the unique combination of knowing the technical and performance side of social media and internet marketing along with the ability to connect with customers and get new ones in the doors. He is a talented individual with a superior team who has also creates wonderful videos for us."
- Deborah

Sheryl Stapleton, Owner of A Taste of the Caribbean

"I am so very proud of the work that Richard and his team at Enchantment Marketing has been doing for the taste of the Caribbean. We are very fortunate to have you sharing our information and promotions to the public. After the ART project on Central we surely needed a big push to get our customers coming back on Central and your expertise and knowledge of how to build and expand a restaurant helped tremendously."
- Sheryl

Roman Hampton, Owner of Tokyo Bangkok

"Working with Richard is an absolute pleasure! He is very knowledegable and is determined to deliver the best results possible. I'm very pleased with the quality of his work and results. Highly recommend! "
- Roman

Linda Lopez, Owner of Pelican's Seafood Restaurant

"Richard and his team are very professional and knowledgeable. I came to him for some marketing help and he delivered an extensive marketing campaign that met all my expectations. Definitely will keep using, thanks so much Enchantment Marketing!"
- Linda

Matt Monroe, Owner of Monroe's New Mexican Restaurant

"Enchantment Marketing really helped my restaurant bring in new customers through social media. I bought the basic package and ended up upgrading two months later. Richard went above and beyond what all marketing companies have done for me in the past. Anytime I needed something Enchantment Marketing had a solution to it. I will continue to do business with them."
- Matt

James Pecherski, Owner of Casa Taco

"We've had amazing results working with Enchantment Marketing. Our ROI was beyond what we could have even expected or hoped for. The team at Enchantment is extremely professional and always right on top of things! Amazing group of people to work with and highly recommended to any restaurants! Looking forward to a long partnership with Enchantment Marketing!"
- James

James Moore, Owner of Lin's Buffet & Hayashi

"Enchantment Marketing is a company that really values its customers and works even beyond the expected hours of business! They really make us as customers feel like we are all working towards the same goals! They are a great partner to work with and they will help your business reach new customers!"
- James M.

Michael Singley, Owner of The Pantry Dos

"Enchantment Marketing is a great company to have on your marketing side. They do an excellent job in driving in new customers. They use modern marketing strategies using social media to capture new customers and keep them loyal. Don't be afraid to spend a little money on growing your business with Enchantment Marketing! It works!"
- Michael

Craig Mcrae, Owner of Bacon Jam

"Enchantment Marketing has provided amazing results for Bacon Jam! The team is professional and values their customers. Enchantment is ahead of the game in marketing by utilizing Facebook Messenger. Facebook Messenger has brought in many customers and we have gotten a great response from our customers by utilizing this marketing method. Highly recommend Enchantment Marketing for growing your business and looking forward to our long-term partnership with them!"
- Craig









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